FINE JAPAN Company Profile

 FINE JAPAN is a nutraceutical company that has been manufacturing, researching and developing health food supplements for over 45 years. Since its foundation in 1974, FINE JAPAN has consistently aimed to bring health and beauty to the customers in order to make its contribution to the betterment of society.

FINE JAPAN holds the latest manufacturing machinery and equipment to accommodate all forms of products; it is equipped with tablet, granule, hard capsule, softgel capsule, and liquid product manufacturing line, and other newest production machinery.

FINE JAPAN obtained ISO9001 as the global standard, as well as JAS and GMP certifications and is dealing with safer and more reliable organic materials.

Transfer of Ownership:
All products purchased through this service shall transfer ownership to the customer upon our delivery of the product to the shipping carrier,
regardless of the chosen payment and delivery methods.